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New private red eye clinic in operation

Monday, September 8th 2014 8:08am

Dr Colum Rooney has just completed his Doctorate in Optometry in 2016. Colum has been qualified as an independent speciality prescribing optometrist since 2014. Meaning he is now trained in diagnosing and treating lots of red eye conditions which would normally require a visit to the gp or eye casualty in the hospital. This is a very exciting a new venture for Northern Ireland. Colum will now be able to treat conditions such as, corneal abrasions , foreign body removal, iritis, corneal ulcer, dendritic ulcer ( caused by the herpes virus) as well as allergies and many other conditions.
Clinics are available in both practices in Hillsborough and Lisburn.

Saturday Appointments available by request
Cost for a private appointment is £40 for a new patient or one we have not seen for 3 or more years. Cost for current patients who have been seen within the last 3 years is £30

Introducing new private red eye clinic


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